Message from our Customers:Tailor-made tours in Tokyo


Message from our Customers:Tailor-made tours in Tokyo

My little travel Agency is a startup.
But I have great customers and excellent business partners.
I am very happy.

I got a great message from our customers.

Thank you so much!


At the beginning of June we spent a few days in Japan’s capital city. The
program was organized by the Kaguya Reisebuero and it has everything
worked out excellently.
We had an excellent guide and spent very good time in Tokyo.
Overall we were very satisfied and would like to recommend this office!
Marianne Brix and Elfriede Hotko from Vienna (Austria).


Concierge for your travel


Message from our Customer:Nakagin Capsule tower


Message from our Customer:Nakagin Capsule tower

Nakagin Capsule tower is currently in crisis situation.
This building was built by a famous architect,Kisho Kurokawa,in 1972.
It is a capsule-type apartment house and is very unique.
Now it is a demolition crisis.

We work to protect this wonderful building.
The tour to visit it is one of the activities.

We got a great message from one of our customers.

Thank you so much! Mr JM.


I want to thank you and your organisation for an enjoyable and highly informative guided tour of that Nakagin Capsule Building, last Thursday.


My interest in that construction goes back  in time, even before it was constructed. The Metabolist approach to the new world order – now becoming a reality – conditioned my Architectural and Theoretical work from the 1960’s. So to enjoy the chance to enter and appreciate it was most important to me.


Arata Isozaki has written:  

  One day I noticed two books … sitting side by side on a bookshelf, and realised it is possible that two types of architecture from two different places (spatiality) and times (temporality) can be equidistant from my position, not to mention similar to my methodological preferences.   


So that same idea too had conditioned my Metabolist thinking.


I have a developing Blog –

that explores this, if it is of interest to you. As the world has become techno home  to New Nomads the unique and prophetic Capsule Tower should be known and better appreciated


With my best wishes to you in the ongoing protection and promotion of  Nakagin Capsule Tower.

Nakagin Capsule Tower(Regular Tour every Thursday)


Samurai at Nitta Shrine


Samurai at Nitta Shrine

I saw a samurai event in Ota Ward, Tokyo.
Nitta Shrine is a shrine for samurai.
People are proud of it.
And they make a parade of samurai.

These samurai are ordinary citizens.
Their costumes are theirs.

Samurai are not only Japanese.
Foreign citizens are also samurai.

Nakagin Capsule Tower


Nakagin Capsule Tower

Nakagin Capsule Tower is located in Ginza, Tokyo.
Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa built it in 1972.
It is a residential and office building.
It has a unique shape and has a lot of square capsules.

However, it is a crisis of the demolition now.
Architecture enthusiasts around the world don’t want that.

If you would like to see the inside of the capsule, please contact us.

Nakagin Capsule Tower(Private tour)
Nakagin Capsule Tower(Regular Tour every Thursday)

Samurai Duel


Samurai  Duel

This is Haneda Airport international terminal.
A real stunt man teaches Samurai action.
Do you know the movie”Rurouni Kenshin”?
A samurai manager appeared in this movie.
After practice, he takes a movie for you.

The Tsukiji market


The Tsukiji market

The Tsukiji market is the largest market in Japan.
There are 2markets in Tsukiji ,Tsukiji Inner Market and Tsukiji Outer Market.
Tsukiji Inner Market is for professional buyers.
On the other hand, you enjoy shopping and can try Japanese food at Tsukiji Outer Market.

The inner market will move to Toyosu on October 11.
There are a lot of tourists, so professionals are in trouble.
Now, tourists can enter here from 11:00 a.m.

But the outside market welcomes tourists.
It is here after October.

We love cherry blossoms


We love cherry blossoms

In Japan, this spring is very warm.
Therefore, the cherry blossoms bloomed early.
I saw beautiful cherry blossoms.
Especially, the cherry blossoms in the Rikugien garden are wonderful!

We often see cherry blossoms at night.
Those are fantastic.

Flying Penguins


Flying Penguins

There are Flying Penguins at Sunshine Aquarium in Ikebukuro,Tokyo.
This aquarium is on the roof of the 11th floor building.
Here you can see the penguins as well as many fish and sea animals.

Tamura Shuzojo (sake brewery)


Tamura Shuzojo (sake brewery)

Tamura Shuzojo (sake brewery) is located in Fussa, West Tokyo.
It was founded in 1822.

There is a big ball at the entrance to the sake brewery.
This is made of cedar leaves.
It is renewed once a year.
It is November at the new sake season.

The god of sake is enshrined in Omiwa Shrine of Nara .
The shrine has many cedars.
This big ball is an amulet.