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Nagaoka Fireworks Festival

Nagaoka Fireworks Festival

2-3.Aug.2018 19:00-21:10

Nagaoka Fireworks Festival has a sad history.
On August 1, 1945, there was an air raid of the American army in Nagaoka.
At that time, 1,486 civilians were killed.
Every year, around this time, citizens raise beautiful fireworks here in the sky.
These fireworks are for the dead.
And they are very beautiful and powerful.

TOKYO station ==≪JR Niigata-shinkansen *1 hour 30 minutes≫==>NAGAOKA station

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Aomori Nebuta Festival

Aomori Nebuta Festival

1-7.Aug. 2018

Aomori Nebuta Festivall has existed since the 8th centuries.
A lot of wagons carrying a large customisability doll will parade.
Those wagons are called NEBUTA.
Around them, many people dance.
It is a famous festival visited by many Japanese tourists.
You'll love it too.

TOKYO station ==≪JR Tohoku-shinkansen *3 hour 10 minutes≫==>Shin-AOYAMA station

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Takayama Festival

Takayama Festival

9-10.Oct. 2018

The Takayama Festival has existed since the 16th and 17th centuries.
It is a UNESCO-Intangible Cultural Heritage.
You can see 11 big cars for Gods in the city of Takayama.
These cars have beautiful decorations.
People who wear Japanese costumes play traditional music Japanese costumes.
You can make time-trips.

TOKYO station ==≪JR Tokaido-shinkansen *1 hour 41 minutes≫==>NAGOYA station ==≪JR Tokaido-sen&Takayama-sen *2 hour 25 minutes≫==>TAKAYAMA station