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Japanese for travel

Japanese for travel

My name is Mariko Sugie.
I have a startup travel agency in Tokyo. As you know, the travel industry around the world is in a terrible situation.
My small travel agency is also affected, so I thought about what I could do.

I studied Japanese literature in the doctoral class and my specialty is ancient Japanese literature.
My university is also known for researching Japanese language teaching.
That’s why I studied Japanese linguistics.
My professor is the author of the most famous dictionary in Japan ‘DAI-JIRIN’.
I taught Japanese to a Czech woman using the teaching method ‘Survival Japanese’.

Now I’m a travel professional, and I want to teach Japanese to travelers.
Unfortunately, the Japanese do not speak English so well. It is the same as in Italy.
Japanese for travel will help foreign travelers find their way around Japan.
If you want to enjoy a hot spring at a Ryokan or try a delicious traditional meal at the local restaurant, all you need is a little Japanese.

I use the teaching methods according to ‘Survival Japanese’.
This means that speaking is more important than grammar.
If you want to talk to the Japanese immediately, then learn it with me.

If you would like some advice on your trip to Japan, I will be happy to answer your questions.
I am a travel professional and know all of Japan.

My Japanese class takes place via Skype. Please let me know the desired date and time.
I would like to follow your wishes as much as possible.
Please note, however, the time difference between Japan and Europe etc.

Correct Japanese text

If you want to send an email, letter, report, etc. to Japan, I can correct those Japanese sentences for you. 
Honorifics in particular are often used mistakenly. 
It is also difficult for the Japanese.
I have more than 20 years of business experience , and I can correct your Japanese text.

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