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Our travel
concierge service

My small travel agency receives a large number of inquiries.
This is sometimes challenging, but also interesting for me.
My travel concierge service has only just started.
The rates are therefore set in consultation with the customers.
This means that the minimum fee is set at JPY 5,000,
the client assesses my services and the total fee is fixed.
Clients would not want to pay for a service they are not satisfied with
and I want to be transparent with them at all times.
Of course, I would also consider a price proposal if my clients would like this.

Below are examples of requests received from clients to date.

  • I have booked a local tour with another local travel agency but have not yet received a response. I need help.
  • I want to get married in Japan. I need information.
  • I would like to visit a shrine in Japan accompanied by a Shinto priest in traditional dress.
  • I need to make a reservation at a restaurant where reservations are difficult to get. The hotel may not provide this restaurant reservation service.
  • I would like you to get me tickets for a local festival. It is not possible to buy them online and the information is only available in Japanese.
  • I am disappointed that the cherry blossoms will already have faded when I arrive in Tokyo. Please let me know where I can still see cherry blossoms in the suburbs.
  • This is a trip with children. I need you to organize a rental car with child seats.
  • Traveling to Japan in the middle of summer can be exhausting. I need to organize an itinerary that is as cool as possible.
  • I am very worried about my first trip to Japan. I need local support. I also want to learn about Japanese etiquette.
  • I would like to attend a night show in Tokyo. Not something for foreign tourists, but something we can enjoy with Japanese people.

These are just a few examples. Every customer has their own wishes.
For me, the safety and comfort of my customers comes first.
That’s why I also explain the risks to my customers.
My greatest pleasure is to see that my customers enjoy their trips safely.

For requests and inquiries, please use the contact form.