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Cruises in Japan


Japan is a country surrounded by the sea.
Since ancient times,
boats have been an important means of transportation.
This has not changed even today.
Luxury cruises are wonderful, of course,
but a leisurely ferry ride is also a good idea in Japan.
Dinner cruises are also recommended.

Recommended Cruises


Dinner Cruises


Enjoy a wonderful time on a dinner cruise around Tokyo Bay. Lunch, afternoon and sunset cruises are also available. It is also possible to charter a cruise for an important group meeting. Would you like to see the Tokyo cityscape from the sea?

Mount Fuji
from a ferry


In Shizuoka Prefecture, there is a ferry that offers a panoramic view of Mount Fuji. You can also see it from the Shinkansen (Bullet Train), but it passes right by very quickly. Not only can we help you make reservations, but we can also help you create an itinerary that includes this ferry.

Overnight ferries


Ferries on long distance routes are equipped with nice guest rooms. Why not enjoy a boat ride from Kobe to Kyushu? A short trip by Shinkansen or plane is nice, but on board you can relax and enjoy the rhythm of the waves.