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Japanese delivery service, Takkyubin 

Have you ever heard of the Ghibli animated film “Kiki’s Little Delivery Service”?
It is the story of a cute little witch, Kiki, who is trained to become a big witch by working for a delivery service.
This delivery service is called “Takkyubin” in Japan.
“Takkyubin” is a registered brand name of Yamato Transport, a well-known Japanese shipping company, and Ghibli received permission from this company to use the name.
Yamato Transport not only allowed this, but also supported this wonderful animated film as a sponsor.
Yamato Transport’s trademark is a black cat. It is also a black cat that Kiki is traveling with, which is a nice coincidence.

Yamato Transport is the best-known delivery service in Japan, but there are also others.
Parcels can be sent from convenience stores and other Takkyubin counters.
If you send a parcel from Tokyo to Osaka, for example, it usually arrives the next day.
However, due to a shortage of drivers, this has become more difficult. Nevertheless, parcels can still be delivered the next day.
However, it can take longer on Hokkaido, Okinawa and remote islands.

Travelers can also use Takkyubin.
Not every hotel offers them, but you can often use a takkyubin from reception. Of course, they also take care of travelers’ luggage.
It is also possible to pick up a package or suitcase at the hotel using Takkyubin. The hotel employee then collects the luggage on behalf of the customer.
However, you must contact the hotel in advance to send and receive your luggage.
To avoid the risk of terrorist attacks, unannounced checked baggage may be returned.
In addition, the guest list is checked, so luggage checked in under the wrong name may not be accepted.
Therefore, please ask the hotel receptionist to contact the recipient.

Unfortunately, there is no reception desk in private apartments,
Takkubin is not available as there is no one to receive the luggage.
There is therefore a possibility that your valuable luggage will be lost.

If you use the Takkyubin service skillfully, you no longer have to carry luggage when traveling.

Below is the homepage of Yamato Transport for tourists.

Yamato Transportation

My travel concierge service will be happy to answer any questions you may have about using Takkyubin.