Kaguya Reisebüro
Small museums in Tokyo.

One of my hobbies is visiting museums. When I travel abroad, I always visit the museums in the cities there.
It is very satisfying for me to see real paintings and sculptures that can only be seen there.
Maybe many of you have the same interest as me, so I would like to give you some tips about the museums in Tokyo.

There are a lot of information sources available about the National Museum in Ueno and other famous big museums.
Therefore, I would like to introduce some smaller museums in Tokyo. There may be little information about them.

〇Matsuoka Museum of Art

This is a small museum that focuses its exhibitions on the collections of Japanese industrialists. I particularly like the collection of Buddhist statues.

〇Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum

The museum was once built as the private residence of the imperial Asakamiya family.
Today it is managed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, including the beautiful Japanese garden.
There is a very nice restaurant at the entrance to the museum, which is also recommended.

〇Seikado Bunko Art Museum

The museum was founded by the former presidents of the famous Japanese corporation Mitsubishi.
The museum used to be located in a suburb of Tokyo, but has recently moved to a new location near Tokyo Station.
Here you will find national treasures. The collection is impressive, not only from Japan but from all over the East.

〇Mitsui Memorial Museum

The Mitsui Group is another well-known Japanese corporate group. This museum has a collection that was acquired by the Mitsui family.
If you are interested in Japanese art, you will love it.

〇Sumida Hokusai Museum

If you are interested in Ukiyo-e, this museum is for you.
Visitors can view the works of the great ukiyo-e artist Hokusai.
The building, which is the work of Kazuyo Sejima, is modern and unique.

There are also other small museums in Tokyo. Our concierge service can give you recommendations depending on your preferences. In addition, it is also possible to find out about exhibitions.