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Beware of the strongest wild animals, bears

Sixty-seven percent of Japan’s land area is forested.
As a result, there are many wild animals.
The most dangerous wild animal is probably the bear.
According to a survey by the Ministry of the Environment, brown bears inhabit about 55% of Hokkaido, and black bears inhabit about 45% of Honshu.

In 2023, it is said that there are very few nuts for bears to feed on, and many bears have been sighted.
In search of food, bears are coming to areas where humans live.
Especially in the Hokkaido, Tohoku, and Hokuriku regions, there have been many reports of bear attacks.
Some people have been seriously injured or killed by bears.
Bears appear not only on well-maintained hiking trails, but also in private homes.

Bears are not only large but also physically strong animals.
It is said that bears can run at speeds of up to 50 kilometers per hour, making it impossible for humans to run away from them.
In addition to its sharp claws and fangs, the bear has the power to blow off a human’s jaw with a single blow.
Bears have a habit of targeting the face first, so in addition to contusions to the face, some people suffer horrific injuries that are hard to describe.
Doctors who have treated them say that the conditions are often horrific.

Hiking and climbing can feel great, but without adequate information it can be dangerous.
Furthermore, be careful when traveling in rural areas.
Be sure to get local information before you go.

What to do if you meet a bear
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