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The rules on Mount Fuji are changed.

From next year, the way to climb Mount Fuji will change drastically.
Yamanashi Prefecture will restrict access to the Yoshida-guchi trail on Mount Fuji next summer,
by erecting a barrier near the fifth station, which will be closed from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m., to prevent climbers from climbing stages overnight.
The barrier will also be closed if the number of climbers exceeds 4,000 in one day. A toll will also be charged.

Below is the message about it. It is in Japanese, so please translate it using Google or other means.

Many uncivilized mountaineers have become a big problem recently.
Hasty ascents of Mount Fuji, campfires and camping on trails where it is actually forbidden, etc.
Some even walked over the ropes that block access to the other side. The scene was broadcast on a news program, and the foreigners who crossed the access ban drew the ire of the Japanese people.
He said it was at his own risk, which further angered the Japanese.
This is what the Japanese hate the most. Everyone lives with the help of someone else.
If this disrespectful foreigner actually got lost, the Japanese police would be looking for him and his country’s embassy would have a lot to do.

Ken Noguchi is a Japanese mountaineer and environmental activist.
He has worked on various mountain restoration projects around the world, including Mount Everest, Mount Fuji and Manaslu.
He and other Japanese who love the mountains asked Yamanashi Prefecture to protect Mt. Fuji.

Think also of the Japanese religions.
Mt. Fuji has long been an object of faith for the Japanese, a mountain where gods dwell.
The Japanese are angry about the desecration of their sacred mountain.

The detailed rules for climbing Mt. Fuji next year will be discussed at the council meeting in mid-February.
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