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Messages from customers

I received a happy message from one of my client.
Thank you!

Due to the coronavirus situation, Japan has long had restrictions on accepting foreign travelers, but these have finally been relaxed.

We had a few ZOOM conversations about how to enter Japan, etc., and then she applied for a trip to Japan.
This customer is a woman traveling alone.
It was her first time in Japan, but she liked it very much.
She was able to enjoy Japan in autumn.

The nice photos were taken by the customer.


Es war heute ein wunderschöner und interessanter Tag, an dem ich schon so viel gesehen habe, dank Ihrer Planung und Energie.
Vielen Dank nochmal, auch für sämtliche Erklärungen, Reservierungen und Fürsorge, dass ich auch die ganze Zeit hier in Japan gut organisiert bin und überall einfach hinkomme. Sie haben absolut an alles gedacht!

Dank der wunderbaren Organisation, Fürsorge und Voraussicht verbringe ich einen sehr „easy-going“ Urlaub.
Ich fühle mich sehr wohl hier in Japan.

Messages from customers

I got a nice message from my customers.
Thank you very much!

It was originally booked for a different destination, but due to the coronavirus situation, it was changed to a safer destination.
Shimoda in Shizuoka Prefecture is safe. The area is also designated as a UNESCO GEO Park.
My client enjoyed the beautiful sea and the lovely daffodils.

The beautiful photos were taken by client.

Schliesslich war alles gut. Mir hat es sehr gefallen in Shimoda.
Gestern war ich am Shirahama Strand und heute am Narzissen Festival.
Ich danke Ihnen für all Ihre Bemühungen.

Messages from customers

I got a nice message from my customers.

Thank you very much!

They are two ladies travelling to Fukui.
Autumn is the season for crabs. They enjoyed the food and sightseeing.
The lovely photos were taken by customers.



Sehr geehrte Frau Sugie,

ich wollte mich kurz melden.
Wir sind wieder zurück in Tokio!
Die Reise nach Fukui und Kanazawa war sehr schön, alles hat gut geklappt!
Die Stadt Fukui hat mich an Deutschland erinnert und das 21 Museum in Kanazawa ist grossartig!

Vielen Dank für Ihre Bemühungen!

Messages from customers.

I got a nice message from my customers.

Dear German family living in Tokyo. Thank you very much!

They traveled around Shikoku in a rental car.These lovely pictures were taken at that time.

Vielen herzlichen Dank für die Organisation unserer Reise. Hinter uns liegen sehr schöne Tage!
Besonders Ihre Hinweise auf das Deutsche Haus in Naruto und auch der tolle Ryokan an der Kazurabashi waren wertvoll.
Die Hotels haben uns gefallen und auch das Mietauto war gut.

Message from our Customers:Tailor-made tours in Tokyo

My little travel Agency is a startup.
But I have great customers and excellent business partners.
I am very happy.

I got a great message from our customers.

Thank you so much!


At the beginning of June we spent a few days in Japan’s capital city. The
program was organized by the Kaguya Reisebuero and it has everything
worked out excellently.
We had an excellent guide and spent very good time in Tokyo.
Overall we were very satisfied and would like to recommend this office!
Marianne Brix and Elfriede Hotko from Vienna (Austria).

Concierge for your travel

Message from our Customer:Nakagin Capsule tower

Nakagin Capsule tower is currently in crisis situation.
This building was built by a famous architect,Kisho Kurokawa,in 1972.
It is a capsule-type apartment house and is very unique.
Now it is a demolition crisis.

We work to protect this wonderful building.
The tour to visit it is one of the activities.

We got a great message from one of our customers.

Thank you so much! Mr JM.


I want to thank you and your organisation for an enjoyable and highly informative guided tour of that Nakagin Capsule Building, last Thursday.

My interest in that construction goes back in time, even before it was constructed. The Metabolist approach to the new world order – now becoming a reality – conditioned my Architectural and Theoretical work from the 1960’s. So to enjoy the chance to enter and appreciate it was most important to me.http://kaguyareisebuero.com/plans/55